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I am a blue badge holder guide
There are lots of ways to see London. What suits you ?

1. Driven Tours

Using a fully licensed and insured VW Executive van for 1-6 passengers and starting/finishing at a central London pick-up point.

London tour themes typically include :-

Royalty: Buckingham Palace, Changing of the Guards & Kensington Palace

Government: Big Ben, The Houses of Parliament, Downing Street, & Churchill War Rooms

The Great Churches: Westminster Abbey, St. Paul’s & Wren’s city gems

The Square Mile: The Tower of London, Roman beginnings & financial centre

Markets old & new: Portobello Road, Spitalfields & Borough

"Hidden" London: Examples are Legal London & The Jewish East End

Half Days - circa 4 hours.

In a half day you can visit (ie go inside) one venue and spend the rest of the time taking in as many other highlights as possible or just focus on the highlights.

Full Days - circa 8  hours.

In a full day we can visit 2 venues and drive through some of the most sought after parts of the city with stops for mini walks, photos and some lunch.

Rates for Driven Tours including parking and taxes:-

Half Day

1 - 4: £410.00
5 - 6: £445.00

Full Day

1 - 4: £550.00
5 - 6: £595.00

2. Walking/Public Transport Tours

A London ‘Oyster Card’ literally makes London ‘your oyster’,  so we can either do a whole tour on foot or move between various points in town using either buses, trains, boats (can now be paid for on the Uber app) or a taxi.

Rates for these ‘guide only’ tours are:-

Half Day: £230.00
Full Day:  £350.00

3. Bike Tours

London is an increasingly ‘cycle friendly’ City and

- the central areas are fairly flat
- there is  a growing number of dedicated bike lanes and
- a good supply of cycles which are easy to use. 

So why not have your own private bike tour led by a qualified Blue Badge Guide.

Use the enquiry button below if you are interested in seeing London in this way.

4. Specialist Walking Tours: -

Beyond the classic London highlights tours, I offer specialist walking tours of:-

1. Legal London
2. Financial London

In both cases I draw on my experience of working in these fields and try to strike a balance between the history and ‘what is happening in the here and now.'

For private tours for 1- 6 people, the rate is £230.00 and they are typically around 2 hours in length but longer if we are able to observe proceedings on the legal tour.

I also offer a 1.5 hour highlights of the Jewish East End walking tour.